BTEC Extended Certificate in Art and Design

Why should I study this subject?
The Visual Arts department gives students the opportunity to be creative, and develop their independent working skills in an exciting and supportive environment. In Year 12 Art you will develop your skills in a broad range of media such as drawing, painting, printing, 3D as well as developing your creative thinking and allowing you the opportunity to work independently.

In Year 13 you will continue to learn new skills whilst your work will be developed through investigating the work of other artists, selecting your own area of interest. Emphasis is placed
on sketchbooks which will record your ideas, creativity and independent work. Art is based around being highly creative with your work, trying new media and techniques and challenging yourself to come up with original ideas, work independently and produce interesting and personal artwork.

What will I study?
• Drawing techniques
• Painting
• Colour theory
• 3D design
• Print techniques
• Photography
• Composition

You will look at a wide range of other artists’ work both traditional and contemporary and use these to inspire and inform your own work. You will then be able to select your own direction to work in, choosing ideas and media that interest you.

What are the entry requirements?
Please refer to our Course Specific Entry Requirements table here