Textiles BTEC Subsidiary Diploma

Why should I study this subject?

If you love art and design and feel your future is in the creative industries, this course will be great for you. BTEC Art and Design is a full time, two year, level 3 art course which has been designed to develop your skills in a range of artistic disciplines including: drawing, painting, printmaking, photography (both darkroom and digital), textiles, fashion, 3D and many others.

You will develop visual communication skills and the ability to think conceptually which will help you develop into truly independent artists and designers. The course gives you the opportunity to develop intellectual, imaginative and creative art work and use a wide range of artistic media.

What will I study?

In this BTEC Art and Design course, you will follow a Textiles path. You will have the opportunity to study a wide variety of art techniques such as felt making, paper making, tapestry, weave, sewing machine embroidery as well as wide variety of other art media before producing your own independent work.

Mandatory units:

Visual recording in art and design

Material techniques and processes

Ideas and concepts in art and design


Year 12

An introduction to the formal elements of art and design including Drawing, Painting, 3D, Photography, Print and Textiles. You will be taught skills in all these areas and work through projects designed to develop your artistic ability. As the year progresses we will help you choose a specialism and produce a final major project in that area.


Year 13

Independent research

Developing your portfolio

End of year project

What are the entry requirements?

Please refer to our Course Specific Entry Requirements table here

What skills do I need?

You should possess:

  • A genuine interest in art and design.
  • An ability to work practically and creatively
  • The ability to meet the demands of a coursework subject
  • Organisation and time management skills
  • Creativity skills
  • An ability to work independently on projects set by your teachers.