Subject Intent: Why Drama?

Through making, performing and responding to drama, students are given the chance to discover more about themselves, other people and the world they share. The experience of the drama and theatre curriculum aims to promote the individual’s shaping of their own identity through the experience of collective responsibility via teamwork, discussion and role-playing activities, which help them to comment on, reflect and define their culture and community as citizens of the world. The drama and theatre curriculum empowers young people to develop empathy, emotional intelligence, resilience and a strong social conscience, exploring ideas in a safe environment. Through their appreciation and review of live theatre, students develop their analytical and evaluative understanding of their own and others’ contributions and ideas, enabling them to celebrate the richness and depth of human expression in all its forms.

 What will I study?

Component 1: Drama and Theatre

This written examination focuses on ‘Jerusalem’
by Jez Butterworth, and ‘The Glass Menagerie’ by Tennessee Williams exploring these works as director, designer and performer. Students will also review a piece of live theatre.

Component 2: Creating Original Drama

Creation of a brand new piece of theatre.

Component 3: Making Theatre

Performance of three different excerpts of script, either as a monologue, duologue, or group piece.

Students will also produce accompanying essays, justifying and analysing the creative process, and will work in the style of studied practitioners and theatre companies.

What are the entry requirements?

Please refer to our Course Specific Entry Requirements table here