English Literature

Subject Intent: Why English Literature?

The English Literature curriculum acts as a gateway for helping students to engage with world issues, debate related concepts and to appreciate how different audiences can react to the same material. This helps to prepare students for successfully navigating their way through contemporary society. It enables students to develop a better understanding of the world we live in through the eyes of a wide range of authors, their characters and the contexts within which they write. Understanding of the impact of history, society and culture on literary texts is integral to the course.  The studying of texts will also provide students with a sustained and deep understanding of English Literature as a tradition and how it has changed over time, through the exploration of pre-1900 texts, including Shakespeare’s Othello and one post-2000 text. The texts studied encompass drama, prose and poetry. Overall, English Literature provides students with the opportunity to explore current topics, widens their understanding of the world in which they live and provides opportunities to further develop cultural capital.

What will I study ?
You will engage critically and creatively with a substantial body of texts and ways of responding to them.
Section A: Othello
Section B: A Streetcar Named Desire
You will compare two novels: Frankenstein and The Handmaid’s Tale
Unit 3
Section A: Comparison of a named poem from the anthology, with an unseen poem.
Section B: Selected poems of John Keats
Unit 4
A comparison of 2 texts (free choice)

What are the entry requirements?
Please refer to our Course Specific Entry Requirements table here