Subject Intent: Why French?

The French curriculum intends to deepen a curiosity and love of languages and other cultures, as well as develop an advanced understanding of how languages work. Through a focus on both culture and communication, we aim to foster a passion for exploring a foreign language and comparing it to our own. Language learning provides an insight into others’ countries and cultures and thus widens our intellectual horizons and promotes social mobility. We aim to broaden students’ knowledge and skills beyond the subject specification, exposing them to as much authentic material as possible. We aim to challenge our students to achieve a high level of communicative competence, thus not only developing literacy skills but also strengthening students’ resilience and problem-solving skills.

Through studying French students will see the benefits of travelling the world and will be offered the opportunity to visit and have first-hand experience of family life in France, therefore ensuring they have the skills to communicate and have meaningful and life changing experience.

 What will I study ?

In Year 12 and 13, students will study topics from a range of political, social and cultural themes, for example:
• Music
• Cinema
• Immigration
• Diversity in the French speaking world and a lm and a novel
There will also be a study topic of individual choice in Year 13 to prepare for the oral examination.
The exam board is AQA and the A-Level exam consists of 3 papers: Paper 1 (listening, reading and translation) counts for 50% of the overall mark, Paper 2 (essays) counts for 20% and Paper 3 (speaking) counts for 30%.

What are the entry requirements?
Please refer to our Course Specific Entry Requirements table here