Further Mathematics

Why should I study this subject?
To study Further Maths you also need to study it alongside Maths, so it is essential that you really enjoy, and are good at maths as the number of lessons will be doubled.
You will use your mathematical knowledge to make logical and reasoned decisions in solving problems both within pure mathematics and in a variety of contexts, and communicate the mathematical rationale for these decisions clearly. Further Maths A-Level gives you the opportunity to study pure maths, mechanics and statistics to a greater depth. If you are considering applying to study maths at university you are strongly advised to take this course. Further Maths has to be taken as a 4th A-Level. Students will complete A-Level Maths in Year 12 and A-Level Further Maths in Year 13.
There are three overall themes throughout the course: proof, problem solving and modelling.

What will I study?
The course will include: • Complex numbers
• Matrices
• Algebra & functions
• Calculus
• Vectors
• Polar coordinates
• Hyperbolic functions
• Coordinate geometry
• Proof
• Differential equations
• Trigonometry
• Numerical methods
• Mechanics and Statistics

What are the entry requirements?

Please refer to our Course Specific Entry Requirements table here