Why should I study this subject?

Law offers you an interesting insight into the main principles of English law. Law is both an interesting and challenging subject to undertake, having direct relevance to many aspects of everyday life.

What will I study?

The new linear A-Level is likely to include the following topics, the English legal system, law making, criminal law, law of tort, human rights law, the law of contract and the nature of law, which could highlight areas such as law & morality, law & justice, and law & society.

What are the entry requirements?

Please refer to our Course Specific Entry Requirements table here

What skills do I need?

Good analysis and problem solving skills. The ability to communicate legal arguments and conclusions clearly and concisely. You must be willing to learn and develop new skills.

How will I be taught?

In a class based setting, with quality delivery and resources. Students will be regularly assessed.

How will I be assessed?

By external examination involving problem solving and essay style questions.

What will the course prepare me for?

This course will provide an excellent foundation for those of you wishing to study Law at university. Equally, it is valuable to those intending to study other subjects such as Business Studies. Law is a subject that appears in a number of degree programmes, and can provide you with a head start. Law may prove beneficial to those intending to embark on a variety of careers.

How much private study should I expect to do?

As an approximation, Year 12 subjects require three to four hours of independent study each, rising to four to five hours in year 13.

What materials will I need to purchase?

A pen and your own paper and folder.

What is the exam board?


This subject is for you if…
you have an interest in discussing the law and current affairs, whilst having the ability to work hard and memorise lots of facts. 

This subject is not for you if…
you dislike lots of revision and lengthy exams with essay style questions.