Sport BTEC Extended Diploma

Level 3, equivalent to 3 A Levels.

Why should I study this subject?

Specialising in the study of Sport has several advantages, but the best reason is to experience 15 sport topics, all of which lead into post-18 degree courses. This Level 3 course is the best opportunity to give you a flavour of all sport-related degrees, and allows you to study sport in more depth than you did at school. The broad curriculum is the primary reason for picking this course, whilst the second is to enable you to demonstrate your skills and abilities through practical and video assessment, not simply through the traditional examination and practical performance route (as in A-Level PE).

Your practical assessments may be through your ability to plan-lead-review; plan-coach-review; analyse video footage of yourself and compare to elite performance; instruct physical activity; organise a sports event; and more. The course has the same content as A-Level PE in Anatomy and Physiology Units and Sports Psychology; the difference is assessment.

What will I study?

Year 12

There are three large units that are externally assessed:

1. Anatomy and Physiology
2. Fitness Training and Programming
19.Development and Provision of Sport and Physical Activity

The remaining twelve units are:

  1. Professional Development in the Sports Industry
  2. Sports Leadership
  3. Application of Fitness Testing
  4. Sports Psychology
  5. Practical Sport Performance
  6. Coaching for Performance

10.Sports Event Organisation
17.Sports Injury Management
18.Work Experience in Active Leisure
23.Coaching and Leading for Participation
24.Provision of Sport for people with physical and learning disabilities.
29.PE and the care of Young People

These units are applied to the sporting industry and where possible applied with real context situations and scenarios. New College students always volunteer at local schools and sport club providers. Organising your own club (or primary school) with which to regularly volunteer will definitely benefit you whilst on this course.

Year 13

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Current Issues in Sport
  • Leadership in Sport
  • Exercise, Health and Lifestyle
  • Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise
  • Psychology for Sports Performance
  • Sports Injuries
  • Rules, Regulations and Officiating in Sport
  • Organising Sports Events
  • Physical Education and the Care of Children and Young People
  • Technical and Tactical Skills in Sport


What are the entry requirements?

Level 4 in English Language, C in Science and C in PE (if studied)

What skills do I need?

The ability to be always punctual, and to always have a positive attitude.

The ability to produce evidence and portfolios, so computer literacy skills, use of images and video when analysing performance, knowledge and passion for exercise, health, fitness and performance are all important.

Communication skills whilst leading sessions.

Effective planning and accurate review of yourself and others. A keen interest in current affairs within sport and athletics. Know where sporting providers are locally and regularly exercise or compete in sport.

How will I be taught?

Often in the classroom. The units that require research and portfolio production are usually completed within computer classrooms. The examined units may be taught in classrooms with no computers and regular assessments will take place. Practical lessons will take place applied to the theory content taught in class.

How will I be assessed?

Pass, Merit and Distinction. 33% is externally assessed. There is an exam on Unit 1 Anatomy and Physiology. There are regular exam style questions in this unit and monthly assessments. Other units are internally assessed in controlled assessment conditions, and portfolios of work are submitted.

What will the course prepare me for?

This is intended as a recognised Tech-Level qualification, equivalent in size to three A-Levels. It has been designed as a full two year programme for post-16 learners. This qualification is particularly appropriate for learners who are interested in progressing on to a career in sports development or coaching. To achieve this you would study Sports Coaching, Sports Development, Sports Management or PE at degree level.

How much private study should I expect to do?

2 hours a day outside of the classroom timetabled lessons would ensure that you achieve triple distinction by the end of two years.

What materials will I need to purchase?

New College PE kit (BTEC Sport): Football, rugby, rackets, golf, netball specific kit and equipment as advised by coaching staff Whistle

What is the exam board?


This subject is for you if…
you want to specialise in sport, you want to study sport at university and you want to work in the sport industry. You are confident at leading warm ups, you can honestly plan-coach and review and you are able to meet work deadlines to submit completed work documents.

This subject is not for you if…
you perform better in exams or if you want to study 3 different subject choices instead of specialising at 16 years of age.