Covid Catch-up Funding

DfE guidance sets out that funding provided to New College Doncaster to support catch-up resulting from lockdown should be used to support those students that have not yet achieved level 4 in either GCSE English or maths. The funding is to provide broad assistance to help targeted students to complete their overall programmes successfully.

New College Doncaster is using the funding to provide additional staffing to work specifically with an identified group of students. The college has identified students particularly at risk, for example because there is evidence of possible underachievement, because they struggled to engage with distance learning during lockdown, because there are identified challenges in terms of motivation, organisation or study skills, or because students need support to develop aspirations and plans for their next steps after college, or for other reasons. 

The identified group of students will be provided with a mentor who will review each student’s individual needs, developing a bespoke programme of support, meeting with the student regularly over the course of the year to reviewing the impact of this support, the student’s progress, their wellbeing and additional support needs.  The programme of support might include help with organisation and study skills, additional subject-specific support, additional guidance with preparation for higher education, employment or apprenticeships, or broader mentoring to develop confidence, esteem and aspirations. 

For Year 13 students, the impact of this provision will be judged by reviewing the proportion of the group that fully complete their programmes, by considering measures of their attainment and progress, and by reviewing the destinations of students upon completion.  For Year 12 students, the impact of this provision will be judged by reviewing the proportion of students that progress to the second year of study and by considering evidence of academic progress.