Exam Results Days

Exam Results – Summer 2019

Summer Exam Results will be available on the dates published below and are set by the Examination Boards:

A-LEVEL / BTEC Level 3             Thursday 15 August

Time and venue to be confirmed

GCSE / BTEC Level 2                   Thursday 22 August

Time and venue to be confirmed


If you (student) are unable to collect your results then they can be:

Collected By Another Person
If you want a friend/family to collect your results, the person must bring a signed letter of permission from you (include your full name and date of birth) and their own photo ID with them.

Posted Out
If you require your results to be posted out, you must bring a large self-addressed envelope (A4) with a 1st class large stamp to Jayne Harris in the Exams Office (Room 2.20). This envelope must also have your student ID number and what results you are expecting (GCSE, A-Level, BTEC) written in the bottom left-hard corner.


For a short period following exam results students have the option of obtaining a copy or a review of marking of their exam paper. This service is available for each Exam Series.

Listed below are the main services offered by the Exam Boards:

1. Access To Scripts (ATS)
There are two types of services available, Priority Copy (GCE only) or Original/Non-Priority of an exam script.

2. Enquiry About Results – Review of Marking (ROM)
This service offers a review of the original marking to ensure that the mark scheme has been applied correctly. It is not a remark.  Only those marks that are the result of a genuine marking error not a difference in judgement will be changed. A copy of the script may also be requested for an additional fee.

A priority ROM can be requested for candidates whose place in further/higher education depends upon the outcome – this can take up to 15 calendar days to complete. Written consent from the candidate is required for ATS and ROMs in all cases. Requests cannot be processed without candidate consent.

There are three possible outcomes to an ROM enquiry:

1.    Your original mark is lowered, so your final grade may be lower than the original grade you received.

2.    Your original mark is confirmed as correct, and there is no change to your grade.

3.    Your original mark is raised, so your final grade may be higher than the original grade you received.

How Do I Apply For One Of These Services

The deadline dates and fees for these services vary by Exam Board; these will be displayed on the Exam Notice Boards and a paper copy will also available on each Results Day. We recommend that you check with your subject teacher or Head of School/Department before proceeding with any of the above options and for more information.

Examination Boards do not accept applications after the deadline.

If you wish to request any of these main services, students will need to come IN PERSON to the Exams Office (see open hours below) to complete an application form and pay a fee before the deadline. Requests cannot be made by email, telephone or proxy and must be in-person. You will need to show your student ID card.

The Exams Office will be only open on the dates/times shown below to process PRIORITY applications/enquiries:

Thursday 15 August            time TBC

Friday 16 August                 time TBC

Monday 19 August             time TBC


The Exams Office will re-open and resume regular office hours, 8:30am to 4:00pm from Monday 9 September onward when NON-PRIORITY applications will be accepted.