Wondering whether you can still apply?

We’ve had lots of queries over the last few days from students wanting to know if it’s too late to apply to New College. It’s absolutely fine to still apply, but we’d encourage you to do so as quickly as you can at this very late stage.


Is it too late to apply to New College?

Although we’ve received very large numbers of applicants we’re confident that we will still have spaces available. We want to give students the opportunity to join us right up until the very start of term on 14 September. Applications after that stage are very tricky, but please do contact us for a discussion should that be something you want to explore.


How do I apply at this late stage?

Easy. Just fill in our online form at – it takes just a few minutes. Make sure you’ve fully completed your form and fully submitted it. You should receive an immediate email confirming that we’ve received it, if you’ve fully submitted your form.


I’ve finished Y12 and things haven’t worked out the way I’d hoped. Can I apply to restart at New College?

Yes, and we know that sometimes this can be a good option for students. You can just apply in the same way as any other applicants. Provided you will not have turned 19 by 31st August 2017, there is no problem with you applying to restart with us.

We understand that applying to restart can be a difficult decision. Sometimes it’s best to continue into Y13 and work hard to address any of the issues from Y12. Sometimes a fresh start is absolutely the right thing to do. If this is something you’re considering and you’d welcome a conversation with us about it, feel very welcome to drop us an email at and please include your telephone number.


I’ve finished Y12 and would like to progress to Y13, but I want to know if I could finish my Y13 at New College

Unfortunately this won’t be possible in 2017-18. Because this is the first year of the college, we will only have Y12 students and courses to begin with, so it won’t be possible for Y13 students to join us to complete courses they have already started.


What happens after I’ve applied?

Our main enrolment day is on 31 August. However, for any very late applicants and for any students that can’t make the 31 August, we are running a late interview / enrolment day on 13 September. Shortly after you’ve filled in your application form we’ll write to you with an invitation to join us on 13 September.


What happens on 13 September?

We’ll have a really detailed conversation with you about your GCSE results, your future plans and aspirations, the subjects that you’re interested in studying and course availability. You’ll also be able to complete your enrolment and officially become a New College student.


Will there be spaces still available?

We’re confident that even with buoyant enrolment on 31 August there will still be spaces available in the college. We’ll email all students coming on 13 September a couple of days after 31 August with an indication of course availability, just to keep you fully in the picture. Hopefully this will give you reassurance that there are still spaces on the courses you’re wanting to study. But if anything is full up at that stage, it will give you a chance to consider your options. We expect most courses will still have some spaces available on 13 September based on our modelling and staffing levels.


What should I be doing between now and 13 September?

Because you’ll have missed our initial enrolment event on 5 July, it would be really helpful for you to visit the enrolment section of our website at There are three things that we’d like you to take a look at:

  • Information about transport
  • Course information sheets (with information about equipment, uniform, resources and trips involved in each of the courses)
  • The independent summer task to complete each of the subjects you’re wanting to study – these tasks will help students be ready for the start of term in September


What are start of term arrangements?

  • 31st August ENROLMENT DAY
  • 6th September PARENTS WELCOME TALKS @ The Hayfield School, 6pm, 7pm or 8pm
  • 14th and 15th September – HALF DAY OF INDUCTION for each student – details to follow
  • 18th September – START OF TEACHING


If I decide to enrol elsewhere but change my mind in the first couple of weeks, can I apply to come to New College?

In theory, this is possible but we understand that this can be a difficult decision. We’re very happy to chat to you about this if it’s something you’re considering, but we’d also encourage you to discuss any concerns you have with the school or college you’re already at to see whether they can provide any extra support you may need. Feel welcome to drop us an email at and please include your telephone number if you’re considering transferring to us and would welcome a chat. Because we don’t start teaching until 18 September, it would be relatively easy to apply to us a week or two into the start of term from other schools or colleges. As a student, you are entirely free to choose where to study. But it’s important to make really well considered decisions and we wouldn’t want you to rush into changing school or college without fully exploring your options. What’s important to us is not whether you stay where you are or whether you transfer to us, but that you enjoy your studies and achieve great results.


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