Equality and Diversity

Here at New College, we are passionately committed to providing an inclusive learning environment in which diversity is both celebrated and valued.  We promise to treat each individual with respect and dignity and to ensure that every member of our community studies, learns and works in an environment free from discrimination, harassment or victimisation.  We expect all whom we work with to share in this commitment.

We have a fundamental belief in the entitlement of every individual to fulfil his or her potential and will help both to remove any barriers to that full achievement and promote equality of opportunity across all aspects of college life.

We take our responsibility to eliminate all forms of inequality seriously and our Single Equality Scheme provides the framework for our commitment. The Student Executive includes an elected Member for Equality and Diversity and is active in the promotion of events and celebrations, as well as in the regular reporting of equality issues to the College Equality and Diversity Committee.

Our commitment to recognising and celebrating diversity runs through our teaching and learning, our student support and pastoral systems and our enrichment programme. We want to ensure that a disability of any kind does not prevent any student from succeeding and our study support function is directed at challenging everyone to achieve his/her potential, succeed and progress.

Applicants with disabilities or learning difficulties

The College welcomes students with disabilities or learning difficulties and we will ensure that there is continuity and equal access to the opportunities and experiences on offer:

Via our close working relationships with our local schools and through our SENCo, we will endeavour to make sure that transition from high school to New College will be as smooth as possible.

The Benefits of Equality and Diversity

Single Equity Scheme

NCLT Staff Data 2017-18

Student Data 2017-2018

Equality Objectives

Leaders in Diversity Action Plan

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