Careers support will be available before, on and after Results Day. You can email the Careers staff below:

Helen Lonsdale (Careers Lead and Excellence Academy Progress Tutor)

Emma Chappell-Davies (Careers Adviser and Progress Tutor)

Results Day Support

If you need one-to-one Careers support on Results Day (Tuesday 10th August) our Careers Advisers will be available for telephone interviews. On this day you will need to call the main college number 01977 702139, and select the option for Careers Support. If we receive a high volume of calls on this day we will be operating a call-back system, we will ask for details from you and a Careers Adviser will call you back as soon as possible

Preparation is key: please see below for our Tips and our FAQs sections for helpful resources to make sure you are fully prepared before Results Day.


  • Make sure you can access Cedar as your final grades will be released on Cedar this year, you may need to re-set your password in advance If you re-set your password a code is sent to your mobile phone so please make sure that college has your current number.
  • Make sure you are available on Results Day. If you receive your grades and you find yourself in Clearing you may need to respond quickly to secure a place at a university. Depending on which courses you are applying for you may need to provide additional information, and you may even be needed to attend a telephone interview.
  • Make sure you know how to log into UCAS Track, and that you keep your contact details up-to-date.
  • Clearing can be a very fast-moving picture. Time might be of the essence, and if you feel you may not get in to your Firm or Insurance choices you should do some research beforehand about where you might like to go in case you have to use Clearing.
  • If you applying for courses that require a portfolio, and you think there is a chance that may end up in Clearing, it might be worth making sure your portfolio is saved electronically. This will enable you to forward your portfolio easily if you are in contact with universities about courses that are in Clearing.


How do I know if I have been accepted?

If you have been successful your status in UCAS Track will change to the following wording: “Congratulations! Your place at [uni name] for [course title] has been confirmed”.

UCAS provide a helpful guide showing what your status in Track means and what to do next:

If you are close to the entry requirements it can take a few days for Track to update. You can try ringing the university directly to see what’s going on, but often this is a waiting game. During this waiting time, you can contact other universities with courses that are in Clearing to see about the possibility of being offered a place by them. This will ensure you are ready to act if your choice university declines your place.

I have been told I have a place, what happens next?

UCAS provide a guide about your next steps:

I have been accepted at my Firm choice university, but I want to decline. What do I do?

UCAS provide information about what to do if you no longer want to accept your Firm choice:

My grades were better than expected, can I apply for courses with higher entry requirements?

Yes, this is called Adjustment. See the UCAS guide for entering into Adjustment:

I have not got a place at my Firm or my Insurance universities, what do I do?

Firstly, check Track. It is common for students to be offered a place even if they haven’t met the original entry requirements. If on Track you can see that you have been declined from both your Firm and Insurance choices you will be told that you have automatically been entered into Clearing.

The UCAS guide to Clearing provides helpful information:

When can I add my Clearing choices?

You will not be able to add any Clearing choices until 3pm on Results Day, so you have from 8.30am-3pm to ring around and find where would offer you a place. You can only add one Clearing choice at a time in Track, but you can obviously make many more calls than that if you wish.

I want to decline all my offers and look for an alternative to university, can I still get support?

Yes, please get in touch and we will support and guide you to help you make informed choices about your next steps.

If you have decided not to go to university and you know what you are doing, please let us know by completing our Destinations Form:

I have not made a UCAS application previously, but I would now like to apply for university. Is this still possible?

A lot will depend on the type of course you want to apply for. Most of the ‘recruiting’ universities are likely to offer places, even if you haven’t made a UCAS application. These universities are likely to offer support to students on the day in this type of situation, you will need to contact them directly to get advice.

Other Resources

The resources below provide helpful information for both students and their parents & carers in preparing for Results Day.

UCAS guide to results day:

The Complete University Guide to Clearing :

The Complete University Guide to Clearing for Parents and Guardians:

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