Subject Intent: Why Music?

Music pervades life and is all-encompassing. The Music curriculum helps students develop, engages them creatively and challenges them in an intellectual sense. We intend to unlock our students’ potential through Music and instil a genuine love of the subject through listening, composition, performing and analysing music from a wide range of styles and cultures helping students develop a greater sense of appreciation of the power of music throughout the world. It supports the development of a range of transferable skills such as communication, memory skills, creativity, collaboration and problem solving that students can employ in their next steps whether that be Higher Education or employment.

What will I study?

  • Practical music theory and harmony (mandatory)
  • Professional practice in the music industry (mandatory and externally marked). This is a written task that has to be completed in two weeks.
  • Ensemble music performance (mandatory and externally marked). This is a task set by the exam board and will be completed within a set time frame.
You will study either composition or solo performance depending on your specific strength.


Please note: Subject videos have been filmed from colleges across our Trust.

What are lessons like in this subject?

BTEC Music lessons are practically orientated; performance underpins everything we do in lessons. Much time is spent in lessons on solo performance and ensemble performance and developing the skills to be a good all-round performer. Unit 1 focuses on the theoretical side of music and how important it is to understand the music we perform. Unit 2 considers how the music industry works and particularly how to plan and take charge of a large music event. We have a suite of practice rooms which can be used for private practice, instrumental and vocal teaching and developing composition ideas. In addition, we create compositions using a number of industry standard notation software packages and digital audio workstations. Student performances take place around college and within the local community. Trips to see professional concerts, musicals, and universities are arranged throughout the year. In addition, professional musicians and speakers regularly visit college to talk to our students.

What our


My first year in BTEC music has been a brilliant experience, performing, learning about music theory and now going on to create small pieces of music. Our teacher makes sure that we are always completely satisfied with everything we learn so we can perform to the best of our ability. I’ve loved performing for my class as that is what I’m hoping to do in the future and I can’t wait for year 13!

Morgan Lean, Rossington All Saints Academy

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