Why should I study this subject?

You should study music if you enjoy performing and composing. In addition, you should be able to read music well and enjoy appraising music. 

What will I study?

Year 12:

Listening and Appraising – studying Western Classical Music 1650-1910

Performing skills

Composing skills


Year 13:

Listening and Appraising – studying two (teacher choice) topics from:

Pop music

Music for media

Music for theatre


Contemporary traditional music

Art music since 1910.

Performing for ten minutes. Standard required by the end of year 13 will be grade 7. This is 35% of whole qualification.

Composing to a set brief and also a free brief. This is 25% of whole qualification.

What are the entry requirements?

Please refer to our Course Specific Entry Requirements table here

What skills do I need?

Ability to read music fluently. To be able to work independently on coursework.

How will I be taught?

3 lessons a week, with free tuition on one instrument for 30 mins per week from a specialist teacher.

How will I be assessed?

Appraising – 40%

Performing – 35%

Composing – 25%

What will the course prepare me for?

Music A-Level supports progression to higher education in music and related subjects. It gives you a platform for a lifelong interest and enjoyment in music.

How much private study should I expect to do?

You will get up to 4 hours of homework each week, including working on subject specific software to complete composition tasks and performance rehearsal.

What materials will I need to purchase?

A pair of good quality headphones. Music for your performance recital.

What is the exam board?


This subject is for you if…
you enjoy performing and creating music.

This subject is not for you if
you don’t like analysing music of all styles and if you cannot read music.