Public Consultation

The Report

The S10 Public Consultation Report can be found here.


Setting up a free school involves going through a similar process as the one for creating an academy. As part of that process, the government requires that we engage in a formal consultation process.

Members of the public are invited to complete a survey as part of this consultation. Take the survey here.

Public meeting
There will also be a public meeting on Thursday December 8th, from 5.30pm – 6.30pm at Hayfield School, Hurst Lane, Doncaster.

This consultation also provides member of the public with the opportunity to let us know their thoughts by sending an email to

Background documents
Before engaging in this consultation process, you may want to consult the following documents:

New College Doncaster Admissions Policy 2017-18 (Draft)

An example funding agreement, of the type mentioned in Q6 of the survey